Worship Vocals Course
Worship Vocals Course

Worship Vocals Course Box Set Volume 1-4

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Transform your singing with this step-by-step program from Musicademy.

Realize your vocals potential with professional techniques for breathing, projection and control, harmony skills and spontaneous singing all built around well known worship songs.

Hear your voice change day-by-day with exercises to extend the range, tone and power of your voice.

Each DVD contains approximately two hours of vocal coaching from professional singing teachers, warm-up, breathing and vocalisation exercises as well as advice from worship leaders Brenton Brown, Vicky Beeching, Tim Neufeld (Starfield), Tommy Walker, Leeland Mooring, Lloyd Wade and Noel Richards.

    * Correct breathing, use of the diaphragm, head and chest voice, falsetto and vibrato
    * Over 30 comprehensive vocals warm up exercises
    * Essential music theory made easy
    * Singing from scripture and spontaneous song
    * Harmony construction, backing vocals and working with a band


Volume 1

    * Introduction to singing
    * Pitch exercises and warm ups
    * The pathway of singing and vocal elevation
    * Simple harmonies
    * The major scale and counting
    * Vibrato
    * Plus tips on preparing to sing, choosing keys and vocal health

Volume 2

    * Warm ups
    * The head and chest voice
    * Tones, semitones, intervals and arpeggios
    * Male and femail complementary harmonies
    * Dynamics and leading vocally
    * Identifying vocal techniques
    * Plus tips on teaching new songs, using hymns in worship and band communications

      Volume 3
    * Warm ups
    * Singing psalms and liturgy
    * Adding vocal colour
    * Advanced harmony skills
    * Identifying vocal techniques
    * Rhythm and blues singing
    * The role of the backing vocalist
    * Plus tips on choosing songs, pitching a song without instruments, song writing and musical training

      Volume 4
    * Warm ups
    * Advanced harmony skills
    * Vocal cushion
    * Spontaneous and prophetic singing
    * Chords and chord construction
    * Using arpeggios to find a key
    * Gospel singing
    * Plus tips on preparing to sing, harmonies, getting strong sound and microphone technique

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