Singer's Saving Grace Throat Spray Classic Version 1 oz.

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Singer's Saving Grace® Ideal for sore throats. Promotes voice clarity and vocal comfort. Moistens and lubricates throat tissues. Soothes feeling of throat dryness. A blessing for anyone with a sore throat from singing, screaming, cheering, shouting or talking loudly for a long period of time.
Ingredients -
Serious Cinnamon: Contains: root extracts of Yerba Mansa, Stoneroot, Licorice, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Echinacea angustifolia, Ginger and Propolis gum. Other ingredients: 65% grain alcohol, water, vegetable glycerine and flavors (honey, cinnamon and sweet orange essential oils and vanilla extract).
Flavors: Available in Extra Strength (with Osha root), Honey Lemon, Cool Mint and Serious Cinnamon. Alcohol Free Professional Strength (with Osha root) and Citrus & Honey.
Suggested Use: Spray throat two or three times per application as needed. Do not exceed 20 applications per day.

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