Perfect Pitch Ear Training by David Lucas Burge
Perfect Pitch Ear Training by David Lucas Burge

Perfect Pitch with David Lucas Burge

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You'll gain the master keys to unlock
your NATURAL EAR for music:

Here on eight (8) ear-opening audio CDs, you will learn how to gain the powers of Perfect Pitch. You'll learn the professional secrets that enable you to:

NAME exact tones and chords -- BY EAR
SING any tone from memory -- without a
pitch pipe or a starting pitch
PLAY songs BY EAR -- after just listening to them
COMPOSE music in your head
COPY chords straight off a CD
FIND desired tones BY EAR, instead of searching
by hand or eye
KNOW if a pitch is sharp or flat -- without a
reference tone
IDENTIFY keys of songs -- by ear alone
HEAR sheet music mentally -- in correct pitch
SIGHT-READ and SIGHT-SING with precision
STRENGTHEN your musical memory,
PERFORM with confidence
ENJOY richer perception, finer music appreciation

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