Harmony & Backing Vocals in Worship
Harmony & Backing Vocals in Worship

Harmony and Backing Vocals in Worship Double Pack Vol 1&2

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A total of 5 hours instruction on two DVDs designed for both male and female singers at any level who_d like to learn how to harmonize or improve their backing vocals skills. Together the DVDs contains high quality backing tracks to 20 worship songs with:
_ 20 instructional video lessons covering harmony and BV technique
_ 2 separate harmony parts for each song to copy and learn
_ on screen words
_ and a full version of every song to practice to

Volume 1 includes 10 short video tutorials covering essential harmony and backing vocal techniques:

    * How to form basic harmonies
    * Understanding 3rds & 5ths
    * Finding harmonies above and below the melody
    * When and when not to sing
    * Using unison effectively
    * Matching lead vocal phrasing
    * Pads or vowel sounds to add colour
    * Emphasising key phrases to add punctuation
    * Echoes and ad libs

Volume 2 includes another 10 video tutorials covering:
# More challenging harmony parts
# Harmonies that push your vocal range
# Using head and chest voice
# Blending and supporting the lead vocal
# Matching drop-off, inflections and vibrato
# Avoiding crossing over parts
# Using dynamics to create tension and release
# Finding harmonies to chords outside of the key
# Using pedaling, 1sts, 5ths and 7ths to create textures#
# Close harmonies and smooth voice leading

Track listing for video lessons and harmony backing tracks

Volume 1:

   1. You Never Let Go - Matt Redman
   2. Forever - Chris Tomlin
   3. Holy is the Lord - Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin
   4. Mighty to Save - Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding
   5. Everlasting God _ Brenton Brown, Ken Riley
   6. Hosanna _ Brooke Frazer
   7. Be My Everything _ Tim Hughes
   8. Blessed Be Your name - Matt Redman
   9. You Are _ Ben Cantelon
  10. God of Wonders - Marc Byrd, Steve Hindalong

Volume 2:

Track listing for video lessons and harmony backing tracks:

   1. How Great is Our God _ Chris Tomlin, Ed Reeves, Ed Cash
   2. In Christ Alone _ Stuart Townend, Keith Getty
   3. Hungry - Kathryn Scott
   4. From the Inside Out - Joel Houston
   5. Happy Day - Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon
   6. Faithful One - Brian Doerksen
   7. Beautiful One _ Tim Hughes
   8. Indescribable - Laura Story, Jesse Reeves
   9. Famous One _ Chris Tomlin
  10. Nothing But The Blood _ Matt Redman

Suitable for men and women at all singing ability levels. The video lessons are taught by Andreana Arganda who has sung on over 50 live and studio worship albums with Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching, David Ruis, Casey Corum, Andy Park and many others.

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