Essential Vocals Warm Up Download
Essential Vocals Warm Up Download

Essential Vocals Warm Up Download

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26 exercises to increase the tone, range and power of your voice. A comprehensive vocals work-out for use at home, in the car and before you sing.

Save on shipping with this MP3 download containing all the tracks from the CD including an extensive range of breathing, warm-up, diaphragm development and vocalisation exercises with recommendations for 5, 10 and 15 minute warm ups for when you don't have time to play the entire CD. Suitable for both beginners and accomplished singers.

The CD has been commissioned by Musicademy and was devised and taught by guest tutor Kate Silber. Kate is head of vocals at Nexus, one of the largest Christian music colleges in Europe. She brings her considerable teaching and performance experience to these exercises.

The full contents are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Breathing and diaphragm exercises
  3. 5s - mmm, eee, ooo, aay
  4. Lay lee lai loh loo
  5. May mee mai moh moo
  6. Ah oh ah
  7. Descending half scales - eee, ooo, aay, aah
  8. May slurs - ascending
  9. May slurs - descending
  10. Octave slurs - ah
  11. Hee ah hee ah
  12. Ah ee ah
  13. Hee ha hee hah
  14. Arpeggios - ha
  15. Arpeggios - ning ah
  16. Flah flah need
  17. Arpeggios - ah
  18. Me mommy mammee
  19. Cup o' tea. Take a break
  20. Flah flah ning ah
  21. Coo coo ah ah
  22. 1312 - la, ma
  23. Full scale - ah, ay, oo, ee
  24. Full scale with half scale - la
  25. La la la scales
  26. Endurance exercise - notes 1231 up the scale
  27. Improvisation - "I will sing this song"
  28. Summary

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