Advanced Work-Out CD
Advanced Work-Out CD

Advanced Vocals Workout Download

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A comprehensive range of exercises designed to extend your singing ability, range and control. Available here as an MP3 download.

Includes breathing, warm-ups, diaphragm development, diction, ear training, intervals, major, minor and chrimatic scales, singing licks, improvisation and more.

Track listing:

1 Introduction
2-8 Breathing in to a count
9-10 Simple 5 note scale warm ups
11-14 Vowel sounds
15-18 Ahh oh ahhh
19-21 Descending major scales
22-24 Ascending and descending slurs
25 Slurs using yaaaa
26-31 Voice control
32-34 Octave leaps
35-36 Diaphragm pushes
37-38 Diaphragm pushes with arpeggios
39-41 Diction using La, Pa, Ca, Ta, Ma
42-44 Ear training – pitching scale degrees
45 Ear training - pitching single notes
46-48 Ear training – singing intervals
49-50 Ear training – pitching intervals
51-53 Scales - major, natural and harmonic minor
54-56 Chromatic scales
57-59 Triplets over a major scale
60-62 Triplets over a minor scale
63-64 Licks over major chords
65 Licks over minor chords
66 Improvisation in a major key
67 Improvisation in a minor key 

This CD is a step on from the Musicademy Vocals Warm-Up CD. This is not really a warm up tool as such, more a case of a bootcamp style work out for your voice. Contents are complimentary and many customers will buy both. Its presented by Deborah Clarke, vocals coach at Musicademy as well as a singer songwriter trained at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

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